Why Move to the Triangle* Area?

*historically, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill made up the “Research Triangle,” or “Triangle,” but that term now also encompasses Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, and about 10 other, smaller towns in the area

1) Cost of Housing

The Triangle has just about any kind of house and neighborhood you can think of:  historic columned houses in leafy old neighborhoods;  brand new 4-bedroom-plus-bonus suburbs with neighborhood amenities that rival country clubs;  downtown lofts for city living;  and small-town communities that look like time forgot them somewhere back in the 50s.  But the houses in this area cost much, much less than what they go for in NY, CA, FL, the Washington DC area or any other major city.

2) Choice of “Home Base”

You can enjoy all the perks of the region no matter where you live, as it’s possible to drive from one end of the Triangle to the other in under an hour.  But this area is by no means homogeneous — each city and town has a very different feel to it, as I noted above. There are major distinctions between Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill and the other area small towns. And you get to choose which one is best for you.

3) People

Although located in North Carolina, Triangle residents can’t technically be considered “southerners.”  In fact, you can go days without hearing a southern accent around here.

People come here from everywhere.  Many move here from big cities all over the country to be able to buy a better house, spend less time in their car, and raise their families in a more wholesome atmosphere.  Some come here to retire.  Many are students or educators, as three major universities and many smaller institutions of higher learning are in the area.  Others are drawn from all over the world to the area because of all the high level jobs in IT, pharmaceuticals, biotech, agrochem and healthcare that are available here.  Also, most of them are very smart -- and most of them are very happy to be here.  It makes for a great mix.

4) Weather

The springs and falls in Carolina are just glorious.  And they last for months, not weeks.  March and April are chilly in the morning and sunny by noon, May and June are perfect.  September and October are always Indian summers.  We get a full range of seasons here — it’s hot in July and August and it’s cold December through February.  The leaves turn colors and fall off the trees in October and November, but the landscape becomes lush and almost tropical in the spring and summer.  And no matter what month it is, the sun is never gone for very long.

5) Jobs

The Triangle enjoys a very healthy job market and has a wonderful breadth of industries, including IT, pharmaceutics, biotech, finance and banking, healthcare, environmental sciences, and agrochem.  In fact, this area regularly racks up accolades for it's healthy, diverse economy.

6) Schools

The school districts that make up the Triangle area (Wake, Durham, and Chapel Hill/Carrboro city schools) have excellent schools, and many special programs and services are available for both gifted and special needs children. New schools open every year across the region to keep up with growth, and a very high emphasis is placed on quality public education by the area legislators. There are also many top-notch magnet, charter, and private school options.  And of course, The Triangle is also home to three prestigious universities — Duke, UNC/Chapel Hill, and NC State — and many smaller colleges, universities and technical schools. 


7) Accessibility

The Triangle is a convenient 2.5 hour drive from the nearest beach, 3 hours from the mountains and 4 hours from Washington DC.  It’s also surrounded by picturesque lakes (Jordan and Falls Lakes).   RDU (Raleigh-Durham International Airport) is a great little airport that keeps getting better – you shouldn’t have any trouble finding direct flights to all major American cities, and even a few foreign ones.

8) Traffic

I’m not going to say there’s no traffic here — there is, and depending on where you live and work, you can hit some stop-and-go traffic.  But if you are coming here from Washington DC, NY/NJ, California, Atlanta, or almost any other major city, you will not recognize what we have here as “traffic” compared to what you are used to.

The problem is, after living here a year or two, you get spoiled and you forget how bad it was where you used to live — then you start complaining about the traffic here. But please believe me when I tell you the traffic here is NOTHING compared to most cities … it’s just not even in the same ballpark.

9) Things to do

The Triangle area has an almost embarrassing wealth of things to do – from golf to the performing arts and live music, to museums, fairs and festivals -- we got it all. We have two big lakes and numerous state parks for recreation, lots of college and some professional sports to watch, fabulous weekly flea and farmer’s markets, and several nice malls for shopping. Request a relocation package from me and you can read about all there is to do …

10) Healthcare

The Triangle has outstanding healthcare facilities in the Duke, UNC, and WakeMed hospital centers. All are nationally recognized for excellence — if you are a healthcare professional (or if you get sick), this is a great place to be.

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